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Eat My Shorts
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Demariana. 18. Pansexual. I'm a strangely violent hippie. Vegetarian. Wicca. All sass with the ass to back it up.

Ask and I shall answer. No judgin here. ^.^

The weather is here
Wish you were beautiful....

Instagram/Twitter: NerdyGinjaNinja


Taking Things A Tad Literally

keep all dogs safe- especially the three legged ones
30 minute break for lunch and a smoke. Didn’t think I’d be as high energy as yesterday but i just love my job too much. Yay Spencer’s!

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I would absolutely love to. I’m loving on my own with a part time job and struggling. I have massive respect for all those who are hacking it by themselves. Especially since you’re going to school too. Four for you Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco! Everyone else should check it out as well. 15 seconds won’t hurt you and you know you’ve been there or you will too at some point. Respect luv.

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Up and at ‘em early today. Work again and I’m so pumped. Love my job at Spencer’s. 💗
Loving my day of work still! 18 hours in and I’m still rocking. Look like i got hit by a truck though lol